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Did you know you can access the OSHA website and conduct a search on your subcontractors or general contractors?  If you want to see a history of OSHA site inspections and associated information, crank up the old computer and plug in

When the home page is up, look on the right side bar at the very bottom for inspection data.  Click on Inspection data, then on the next page, Establishment search.  Once the search page is up, fill in the specific fields such as name and state, select the date range, and start the search. 

If the contractor has been inspected and there was a citation issued, that information will be there and you can continue on to see what the citation was and the penalty assessed. This information can help you with your selection of contractors based on their safety performance.  However, as with all websites, the information is to be used in accordance with the law.  Read the user notes at the bottom of the OSHA web page.

For more information contact your area OSHA office. They are there to help you.



How many times have you walked your construction project, observed an unsafe behavior and walked away telling yourself it’s just a minor infraction, “No big deal.”

Those are the very problems we deal with every day. As a manager, you must set the example, even if it is a “minor” problem you observe.  Typically the worker knows when he or she is not working safe or is in a potentially dangerous area.  Your silence will bolster the perception that unsafe behavior is acceptable.

Take a few minutes to discuss the situation with the worker. You may find there is a legitimate reason for the action, or discover a problem the worker sees everyday but is not covered by your policy. Either way, the worker will know you have some concerns regarding their safety, which will encourage them to more openly express themselves.

Of course, you could just keep walking. But when the worker gets hurt and your company gets the bill, you can't complain.  You had the opportunity to prevent the injury.

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ur meeting with the crew and place the record in the file for future use - good job!